Who We Are

We wanted to make custom handcrafted apparel more shareable, creative and awesome…So we created ROCK-THE-TEE.


ROCK-THE-TEE is a collaboration between humble, creative and energetic entrepreneurs that wanted to bring fresh, inspiring, original and trend setting apparel to the marketplace.


ROCK-THE-TEE has taken existing all-over-print sublimation, direct-to-garment and traditional screen printing technologies and combined them under one roof to offer best in class ideation, crafting, shipping and customer service.


ROCK-THE-TEE collaborates with you, creators, designers, artists and manufacturers to empower creativity and uniqueness in everything we do.


We love what we do at ROCK-THE-TEE and we hope you love the ROCK-THE-TEE super store.


                                                            Find Something You Would Die For And Live For It ~ROCK-THE-TEE